Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Building the business case for FSD - Part 3

The outcomes from the FSD Business Case session at the STG Workshop can be found at:


What conclusions can I make looking from a Bristol context?
  1. There is a real focus at the University on saving costs. But in a sustainable way wherever possible
  2. Support Process Review is the main vehicle for looking at organisation and process improvements
  3. Enterprise Architecture at Bristol is more likely to relate to applications, data and technology domains rather than the business domain, and is more likely to be an approach rather than a distinctive project or programme - A part of our new IT Governance process
  4. A business case for FSD (or EA) is needed to communicate the possibilities and to secure organisation commitment
  5. Support Process Review is likely to expose new systems requirements - Meeting these requirements is likely to include better use of our existing CIS (SITS, Coda, Blackboard, Syllabus Plus, etc.)
  6. In an ideal world, we should be looking at all options for service (capability) development (including outsourcing, SaaS / Cloud, etc.)
  7. Risks of NOT doing EA - Inability to change quickly; Not meeting customer needs; Duplication for no good reason
  8. Managing Change - Still need to be able to innovate; Sell the benefits not the approach

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