Thursday, 18 November 2010

EA Foundation Programme update

Where are we now...

EA Maturity levels from Ross, Weill, Robertson - ‘Enterprise Architecture as Strategy’ (2006):

1. Business silos
2. Standardised technology
3. Optimised core
4. Business modularity

...well, probably on our way from 1 towards 2 and 3, but no where near 4 yet.

To keep following our EA maturity path will require closer alignment between the University's business and IT, and the ability to deploy enterprise-wide systems or alternative service delivery models, according to a strategic plan (enterprise architecure), controlled by an enhanced IT governance framework, facilitated by a dedicated Enterprise Architect.

Next steps, recruit Enterprise Architect. Start work on establishing enhanced IT governance framework and high-level analysis of enterprise as-is and to-be. Choose a suitable project (SITS improvement project or Document management and workflow) and get stuck-in.

There is a clear need to employ EA where their are overlaps (for example, Blackboard & SITS).

Use as a method to assess solutions - Review, remove, re-implement, re-use or replace, but according to an enterprise architecture strategy.

Needs to link-in with ITIL sevice strategy and service design .

Changes since initial EA Foundations programme event:
1. Enterprise Architect role internally advertised
2. Presented to Portfolio Executive on alternative service delivery models - they showed an interest in looking at HR & payroll area

Next steps:
1. Recruit Enterprise Architect
2. Build scenario for Portfolio Executive
3. Think about how to knit existing BA work with new, more holistic, EA approach
4. Obstacles - time

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